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Sabertooth Enterprises Inc.  was founded in 2005 as a transportation safety consultancy by Joe Walesewicz. During his career in the transportation industry, Joe constantly searched for a training method which was different and more efficient way of training and operational integration than what corporate was implementing at the time. Without success in his search, he began developing what is today the "CBT" (Computer Base Training).  By 2007, the system was operational and development of training modules began, which in turn, saw the first employees hired for the company. At the present time there are about a dozen training modules created for the Computer Base Training system or to run as stand alone presentation. Training topics are continually under development and will be released as they are completed.



Our mission here at Sabertooth Enterprises Inc. is to provide the transportation industry with support and systems that will: 

*Enhance the ability to comply with current regulations in a cost effective manner.

**Increase the breadth of the litigation and liability umbrella by developing training systems and plans to reduce exposure. 

***Reduce overall cost of compliance by the use of logical delivery systems. 

Our vision here at Sabertooth Enterprises Inc. is over the next 10 years, to become the preferred choice of transportation professionals looking for support systems and compliance controls for their businesses and clients 

Joseph Walesewicz

President and Founder of Sabertooth Enterprises Inc.

Joe has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. He has covered a varied number of positions, from driver to management positions. His credential include:


                                         *Member of PTDI Test Panel.

                               *DWD Transportation Sector Participant.

                       *Training Developer for 3 State Proprietary Schools.

                   *Developer WMCA Safety Supervisors Development Series.

              *Past Officer and present member Wisconsin Motor Carrier Assoc.                                             Council of Safety Supervisors.

              *Associate member of the Wis. Motor Carrier Association.

What our customers have to say!

See what some of the Sabertooth's clients have to say about the quality of service they have received.


"If it has to do with trucking and/or transportation, Joe is your guy.  He is knowledgeable, responsive and provides excellent value.  I would not hesitate to work with Joe again."


                            Scott Watson Managing Partner

                            Quarles & Brady LLP Chicago Office


"Joe and his firm has been an extremely valuable asset for our organization. He has helped our clients to improve their operations, which in turn helps us do a better job in helping them.  I would highly recommend Joe and his firm."



                            Tom Helbach Executive Vice President

                             Ansay & Associates / Mosinee Ins

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